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UajayTech games are making sure that users of Aqueducts uses all their neurons to complete each and every level of this puzzle game. We explore the ups and downs of this challenging game.

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Aqueducts starts with no introduction and you directly land on the first level not knowing what to do. It feels like that you’re thrown into the game with no instructions. The game has recieved over a million downloads but is still not known by many puzzle loving gamers. Aqueducts is suitable for every age group and is fun to play.


At present the game is free to download which gives you access to the first 3 sections / locations. Eech of which has between 5 and 7 levels to complete. A further 4 sections is available with the option to ‘Pay what you want’ to unlock them. The rules of the game are simple and based on the familiar flow principle of creating an unbroken pathway from a start point to an exit to allow water to flow safely.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued

This game can be addictive for puzzle lovers but is very less addictive for general gamers as you can only play a few levels for free. After certain level you have to pay to unlock the full game that may want you to delete this game once and for all. The advertisement that appears after certain levels also distracts the player attention thus decreasing his addiction.

Experience: Learning Curve & Usability

As mentioned above that the game starts with no introduction i guess it is justified because this game is so simple that even team Rocket from pokemon would get it. Aqueduct is an excellent puzzle game that challenges the player to complete the path from the spigots to the drains.

Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count

The pathways are formed by tapping to rotate straight and curved aqueduct pieces to form the channels, with varying levels of difficulty in the different sections and levels. The challenge comes in trying to complete the levels within the set number of moves or in some case against a timer, with stars awarded depending on your performance. Overall this game has a good competitive rating as compared to many puzzle games

Graphics / Footprint / Performance

The game looks and sounds very good. The graphics are well designed and look great and the music is soothing and pleasant. One flaw though is that the angle that the play area is presented at, and the size of the aqueduct pieces, can make it easy to tap the wrong piece and waste time and moves in the process. The game is very light and does not require internet and won’t even heat up your phone even after hours of playing it.

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