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Big Hunter – Be a Stone Age Tribal Leader

big hunter
This game by Kakarod Interactive has received around 10 million downloads. We explore on what makes Big Hunter so special and the areas where this tribal game is lacking.

Life in the stone age was not easy – atleast this is what makers of Big Hunter believe. To have something to eat for himself and his tribe, the leader of the tribe goes out for hunting using primitive tools. The game takes through his journey of 100 days hunting different animals –  starting from the great mammoth. Ensuring each day is slightly different from the other, this action game is considered highly addictive so far.

The game starts of with the training camp where you flex your muscles by hunting a four-legged wooden hen. You will start with a single spear but you can improve your weaponry as your score card grows. For the first 100 days you shall be hunting down giant Mammoth (though you may shift to hunting rhino after completing 60 days of mammoth). The game is a simple tap and drag where head shots deducts 3x more from the Life Bar of the animal. However, if the beast reaches you before you can end his life bar it will just flip flop you with his tusks. The life bar also decreases in multiples of 10 if you are able to pierce your spears consecutively. If you wish to spend your spare time playing with spears and stones, this is the ideal game for you.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued
In the addictiveness department you cannot take your hands off Big Hunter. You might find yourself completing 10-15 days in one go – keeping in mind that every day offers a slightly different scenario (some days you are limited by weapons and other days by time). However, the game starts to get slightly boring and monotonous when you have no other choice but to keep hunting the same animal again and again (at least till day 60).
Experience: Learning Curve & Usability
Big Hunter is overall quite easy to learn as it is only tap and drag. There is some difficulty if you are trying to play it with a single hand – you might drag a spear while you were trying to move backwards. Many a times you might get yourself killed or waste your time/weapons. Thus if you really serious in playing this game then it is recommended to us both hands.
Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count
In the point scoring department, we have found Big Hunter slightly confusing. The initial days will of course give you lesser points and you will get more points as your days increase, but there are no bonuses. So even if you have spare weapons or time available you will get the same points to if you killed the mammoth on the last second. Thus the leaderboard is more about spending more time in the game then playing it nicely. However, with consecutive headshots you can easily go into next levels and make your place on the leaderboard.
Graphics / Footprint / Performance
This is where Big Hunter is fabulous. It is smooth, takes minimum space and is light on RAM. The graphics and colours are equally amazing. If there are not many apps running in the background, you will find no reason for this app to glitch or crash allowing you to do hunting for hours.

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