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Cut The Rope: Magic – Newest Adventure of Om Nom

cut the rope
The makers of famous Cut The Rope are back with another addictive sequel: Cut The Rope: Magic. We examine this app indepth finding out the good and bad in this newest adventure of Om Nom.

Cut the Rope: Magic is the fifth game in the Cut the Rope series released in the end of last year. The series has received over 1 billion downloads – some 10+ million by this game alone. The core attraction of this game is the magical transformation of Om Nom into 6 different creations: from bird to fish and to even a spirit. The transformations allow On Nom to either or dive deep or squeeze into small places.

The game starts with a little video explaining the story of how your aim is to recover candies stolen by the evil spirit. So far there are 7-levels to the game: Sky Castle, Mushroom Land, Magic Forest, Mystery Cave, Ancient Library, Stone Temple and Snowy Hills. Each level has multiple puzzles (around 160 in total) that pushes your cognitive to the maximum whether you are a teen or an adult. Your goal in each puzzle, like all previous CtR games, is to cut all the ropes in such a way that the candy reaches all the and to On Nom.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued
ZeptoLab really knows how to create addictive games. In this game too, they have have tried their best to make you stick to your screen. The only hurdle in the addictiveness department are plethora of ads (specially video ads after every couple of levels) and the strange waiting period once the appetite of Om Nom gets full (you can end that too by either watching an ad or buying infinite energy). But if you are a die-hard On Nom fan, you will definitely love this game and Om Nom’s transformations
Experience: Learning Curve & Usability
Cut the Rope: Magic is really fun to play. The initial levels are fairly easy and while later ones requires sizable usage of your neurons, you can always go for hints – guiding you step by step how to complete any level. The makers encourage you a lot to use their hint feature (as you have to buy more hints once they end), so you have to make sure not to fall for the temptation and keep using your problem solving skills.
Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count
ZeptoLab’s experience of developing competitive games is clearly visible in Cut the Rope: Magic too. The game offers the same star rating like other CtR games – you can collect a single or all three stars in each sub-level and you can only reach the next level after having specific number of stars. There are also some points on when you complete any of the 7-levels (through Google Play).
Graphics / Footprint / Performance
The graphics of Cut the Rope: Magic are amazing. But at the same time they take up alot of your battery and RAM. After playing just for 15-20 mins you will find your phone heating up and battery draining. Incase you have a low end phone, you even might find it not responding or crashing in the middle once in a while. Well, we count it as a trade off of an amazing designed and addictive game.

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