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Endomondo App Review

Endomondo Sports Tracking App is a fun and useful addition for fitness enthusiasts!

All of us make new year resolutions to stay healthy and focus more on our fitness goals but how many of us actually follow our those goals? The answer would be a very few of us and the main reason is lacking consistency and motivation.

Endomondo Sports Tracking App will help you to keep motivated and fit. You can track your duration, distance, speed and calories with this app. It also helps you in keeping a track of squash, skateboarding, running, walking, cycling and other sports and exercises.

How to use Endomondo:

Simply open the app and choose your activity, for example “Running”, and press the play/start button. The app will record every mile you complete, reminding you about how much you’ve run. Once you are done with your activity, just press the stop button on the app.
Apart from fitness tracking, it also lets you connect with your friends and push you to race against their best scores to keep you motivated. You can also share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter. Endomondo is also linked with apps like MyFitnessPal, to help you with nutritional information.

Features Of Premium Version:

In the premium version you need to pay $19.99 per year. But it’s worth it because in the paid version you will get your personalized training plan, audio coach, graphs of your heart rate, speed and altitude. Most importantly you won’t have to see those ads we all find so annoying. So, with its premium version you will be able to enjoy more features and some customized training too!


-Simple and easy to use
-Helps in setting distance goals
-Helps you to connect with other fitness enthusiasts
-You can track 40+ activities through Endomondo


-Limited options in free version
-Inaccurate at times with distance tracking

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