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Flow Free: Connect matching colors

Flow Free
Big duck games is back with another Puzzle game that would use every neuron of your brain.we will examine in depth the pro's and con's of this successful game.

Flow Free has 2 Modes i.e. Free play in which you can play levels from 0 to 100 difficulty. You can also play Time trial in which you have to solve the puzzles in a given period of time. Big Duck Games has also released two expansions in the series. The first expansion, “Flow Free: Bridges”, was released on November 8, 2012 at a fixed price. In this expansion, pipes can be made to intersect through pre-made bridges.The second expansion, “Flow Free: Hexes”, was released on October 12, 2016, and features both free and paid premium puzzles
There is a beautiful flexibility in this pipe puzzle game. The elements are so simple that they can be rearranged in an almost infinite number of combinations. The ‘Free Play’ mode of Flow Free offers 300 different puzzles, ranging from 5-by-5 grids to 9-by-9 grids, with as many as ten different colors to connect. If you love this sort of puzzle, then this game offers a lot of value as an absorbing time waster.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued

Although this game was a big hit but it didn’t have the power of keeping the user busy for hours. Users would often play this game when they are bored. This game lacks the addictive powers that a game should have and maybe that’s because the level of complexity increases thoroughly.

Experience: Learning Curve & Usability

Flow free is easy to learn and play. This game is about matching same colored dots using a pathways in such a way that all the same colored dots meet each other without overlapping each other. The initial levels are easy to play but with increasing levels the level of complexity increases that would require 100% use of your brain but with that hint options are also provided to help you if you’re stuck on a level for very long.

Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count

Big duck games really do know how to make competitive games and that is seen in Flow Free. To move to a higher level in this game it is necessary for you to complete the Previous level But due to the high competitive level, the game often kills the concentration of the user and he/she quits the game.

Graphics / Footprint / Performance

The game have average graphics and is mobile freindly. playing it for half hours wont heat your device (depending on what device you have). It usually takes less percent of your battery than others games does.

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