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Litsy App

litsy app
This app is like Instagram for book lovers. Litsy lets you connect with other readers and allows you to see what they’re reading. It’s like a combination of Instagram and Goodreads.


How to use it?

Download the litsy app on your phone (Android or iphone) and set up a profile, including a username, photo and little about yourself.

Start using the app by following people who post regularly or have a large number of followers. Unlike other apps, Litsy has not implemented any follow or interaction limit yet. Try to like or comment as much as possible to get followers, it’s like two-way encouragement. Litsy gives you a chance to interact with like-minded people and discuss books. It also allows you to post three different types of posts: Reviews, Quotes, and Blurbs. Blurbs mean you can post about anything, your mood, thoughts, shout out to another users etc. In Litsy there is a section called Litfluence, it displays how many books you’ve read or added. It also gives a score about your likes, comments or interactions.

How to find books in a litsy app?

For searching books in Litsy you need to use hashtags (#). For example, if you want to search for a book you’ll need to write #AThousandSplendidSuns in the search bar or you can also search using general terms, like #Cat and you will find books relating to cats.



This app allows you to keep a track on your books you’re reading, and you can interact with different people from all around the world to discuss those books too. Unlike other apps, in Litsy, users can focus on the core purpose of this app and discuss things only relevant to their interests. You can also share quotes while reading books. This also gives insight to others about that book.


Through this section Litsy let’s you see how much you’re influencing other book lovers. You get points whenever someone adds a book on their stack after seeing your post.


Through this app you have an easy access to reviews and opinions other people have about certain books. With one click, you can find what people are saying about a particular book.

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