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Ludo Star – Get Addicted To 19th Century Board Game

Ludo Star
A 19th century board game Ludo has recently been revived by the team of Gameberry and have people from all over the world glued to their mobile screens. We explore what makes this game so special and where does it lacks.

When Gameberry developed Ludo Star, we are sure that they had no idea that it will get so viral. Their another game on the same lines Parcheesi, has just received 500 thousand downloads. Ludo star in a short span of 3-months has already crossed 1 million downloads (As of August 2017 the number stands at 5 million).

Ludo is its roots in centuries year old board game originating from Indian subcontinent. The game is played between 2 to 4 players. Each player gets 4 token and whoever takes all 4 token to the finish line first wins the game. While the game is quite simple and seems to be running on luck, it requires instant planning and strategy.

Ludo Star offers 5 game modes allowing you to play as individual against others in one-to-one or in a group of 4. Moreover you can team up with your friends and play against them. The game also has an option to play offline. You can play game in 3-variations: Classic, Master and Quick. In Quick the one to move 1st token to finish line wins while Classic and Master vary on the leniency of rules.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued

Ludo Star can keep you hooked up for hours. Whether you win or lose you wish to keep playing this game until your battery is fully drained. You can invite your friends anytime to play against them or can play with random players all around the world. Sometimes you might get feeling that the dice ain’t rolling the numbers you want, however there are options to re-roll the dice. Winning each game gives you coins (maximum 15,000 coins unless you raise bid) and people can be seen with earnings as high as 1 billion coins.

Experience: Learning Curve & Usability

Ludo Star offers minimal learning curve as its a tap and play game. While each game variant comes with rules they are explained quite elaborately and can be easily be grasped by someone playing for the first time. One can also check these rules anytime during the game by clicking the help button. The game is easy to play single hand infact you can leave it on auto mode if you get slightly busy during the game.

Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count

Because being such an addictive and widely played game, newbies have a difficult time in making themselves count. Moreover, if you only play for say half an hour a day, you won’t be anywhere in the top players of the international leaderboard. The few things that the game can add to improve the overall sense of competitiveness includes a leaderboard of Facebook friends. Also, like other games, Ludo Star should also incorporate the feature pf matching with players having equal success rate. Sometimes you tend to come across newbies while you are a pro Ludo player of other wise. 

Graphics / Footprint / Performance

Ludo Star relies heavily on internet as the game syncs live with other players across the globe. However, unlike other multiplayer games, this game is very resource hungry and you might find your battery and internet drained just with an hour of playing the game. Apart from that the game is light and won’t take much space of your phone.

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