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Moon Reader Review

Moon Reader
You don’t have to carry a paperback around anymore! Carry your books in your smartphone with the Moon Reader.



Moon Reader is an amazing app, an eBook reader which enables you to read your books in your app, like Kindle but without any need for an additional device. This is especially better for book lovers, who know how hard it is to carry paperbacks or hardcovers around. With this app you can read whenever and wherever you want, making it easier for you to catch up on that cliffhanger or summon your book knowledge in a tricky situation.
Moon+ Reader has a neat and clean user interface and allows customized options for you to read your books in the most convenient format possible. It also allows multiple formats to be uploaded and read, including epub, txt, html, chm, and fb2. But there’s just one catch – the PDF versions can only be read in the premium version, which makes it a bit tricky for readers who have a hoard of PDF files and books.
The Moon+ Reader is a great app for those who prefer to manage their ebook library. You should definitely consider this application if you are an avid online reader.

How to use Moon Reader:

Using the Moon+ Reader isn’t very tricky. Download the app, integrate your ebooks with the app by uploading them from the SD card, and you’re done! The app allows you to use the search feature to sort your books, and look for the prefered book you want to read. As we mentioned above, it’s a customizable application, which means you can change the font size, background, align the paragraphs, indentation, margins and spacing as per your choice. But keep in mind that it’s all possible only if your choice of file allows you to make changes in its format.
You can also fine-tune the screen brightness to suit your eyes. It also lets you highlight passages and send to Dictionary for translation.

Premium Version:

Moon+ Reader also offers a premium version which, as we told you, supports PDF. This paid version will cost you $4.99 per month. It also has features like Bluetooth Key Control, Direct to book home screen shortcuts and shake and read function. So if you’re looking for an alternative for a Kindle device, you might want to try the premium version of this app.

-Supports online ebook libraries.
-There are 10 themes, users can switch to new theme every time according to their mood and choice.
-It supports multiple file formats.
-Bookmark and highlight options.


-Unnecessary ads in free version.
-Free version does not support PDF files.

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