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Pacifica contains many techniques of Psychotherpy which are combined together into one application. Through this App people can handle their anxiety.

Pacifica-thumbPacifica was founded in 2014 by Dale Beermann and Chris Goettel. These two were inspired by their own personal experiences and people around them who were fighting against depression and other mental illnesses. Pacifica’s features are designed to combat stress, anxiety and depression. There are six major aspects to this app that help users set goals, challenge negative thinking and analyze their progress.

There are two things about this app which you’ll love. One of them is its notification feature which regularly asks the user “How are you feeling?”. For a individual going through mental health issues, it can be very soothing to find a notification asking them about how they feel.

The app also has another feature called “Relax”, which is also quite helpful. Through this feature you can pick a variety of activities like “Breathing”, “Muscle Relaxation” and “Visualization”.  Additionally, there is a “hope board” which serves as a place for users to put inspirational quotes, reassuring photos, or save their completed activities to be reminded of their successes while using the app. Finally, it also offers a peer support community, which is a discussion board for users to connect with others going through similar experiences or who share same interests with them.

Being aware of your physical health is also important when managing anxiety and stress. Things like sleep deprivation, hunger or lack of exercise can mess up your mental health. Pacifica has a way to manage that as well. Under the Health icon, there is also a Wealth icon to monitor your physical health.  App’s features are not time consuming, you can get done with activities like Deep Breathing or writing down your mood in few minutes.



This app is very effective. It allows you to record your thoughts, negative or positive, and how you got them. This is how thinking traps productivity: you get negative thoughts like, “I am going to fail this exam” which then discourages you to work harder for said exam. Through this app you’ll be able to note down your negative thought, and the app will then ask you to change it into something positive – similar to highlighting a silver lining in a negative situation. This is an incredible feature which can change your thinking instantly, and thus is a highlight of this app.


Pacifica is very useful for people with anxiety and other mental illnesses, who rarely seek help from family or friends because of the stigma attached to it in our society. This app helps you to manage your anxiety, stress and depression and uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as well as mindfulness to help people. But the only con in this app is that you can’t use some features for free, you have to pay to get full access to them.

Ease of use

Pacifica is very user friendly app and is very simple and attractive to use. Regular reminders and updates through emails are provided when you download this app.


The basic form of Pacifica is free to download and use. But in its full form it’s sold on a subscription basis for $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

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