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Paper.Io: Your goal to conquer as much territory as possible.

The creators of Snake vs Blocks are back with another challenge that would make your life a bit more interesting than it was. We unravel the aye’s and nay’s of this game for you.

After the success of Quiz Run and Bool, Voodoo offers a new and fun experience “Paper.io” inspired by io type games. The .IO games are a series of real-time multiplayer games of which the name ends in “io”. They typically involve battles between players in an arena. Players can earn points by killing other players. The top players are listed on the leader board in the game.

Paper.io was given given a lot of 5 star reviews. Although people have been recently complaining a lot about the newest update in which you have to buy avatars instead of unlocking them. Unlike the older version of this game. Users have also complained about the number of ads it stream while playing the game that often diverts your attention.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued
Paper.io can make you spend most of your time in front of your mobile without you knowing how much time you have spent. The issue that would divert your concentration from the game is that ads keeps on popping up. Every time you die it would take approximately 20 secs to start a new game because an ad pops up destroying your want to play the game
Experience: Learning Curve & Usability
The game starts with a tutorial of how to play. Whether you’re bold or careful, you will have to outwit your opponents by finding the best strategy to conquer the largest space. You also have a weak point,  your tail. If ever it is touched by an opponent, you are dead. Also make sure to guard your territory in order to win. Stealing is legal and your opponents won’t hesitate to do so.
Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count
It seems simple at first But it is very hard to play as the difficulty level is maximum at all time. This frustrates the player that he/she may quit the game. The game lacks the ascending order of complexity which allows the user to win at easy levels thus increasing their interest.
Graphics / Footprint / Performance

Paper.io doesn’t use much of your RAM but it is often complained by users that this game drains your battery 20% in 10 minutes so playing this game for long time can empty your battery bar. The graphics of this game are satisfactory and can be seen as ideal graphics a game should have

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