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Pocket- Read It Later App!

Pocket app will be your best friend if you are avid online reader! “This article seems interesting, I will read it later but where will I find it?” Now you don’t need to go through this thought over and over again,because Pocket app is here to save your reading material for you!


Pocket Introduction:

Sometimes, we come by an interesting article or story online but are unable to read them because we’re either busy with work or something else. Also, we’ve all got friends who share TV show or Instagram links with us which we say we’ll check when we’re free, but are unable to. But now there’s an app to save you from all this trouble by letting you save all important links and websites without any hassle.

Presenting the Pocket app – a potential best friend to all avid readers who like catching up on the news online, but aren’t able to because of their schedule. This app lets you save links of TV shows, articles, videos, images so you can view or read them at your ease. So now you don’t have to look through all your emails and conversations to look for important links.

How to use it:

Once you create an account, you can add webpages by copying their appropriate URL to the clipboard then pasting them into Pocket. There are many options for saving and accessing your content. You can also link this app to 15,000 other apps and save their content and links in it. This option is easier, but you can always use your device’s share option because you may find many hiccups while connecting other apps to the Pocket app. You can also use it on your laptop and save links by sending them on your designated Pocket app’s email address (which will be set up while creating your app account).

Features For Paid Version Of Pocket app:

    1. While using this App you will be interrupted a lot with ads but you can enjoy reading your articles without any interruption with its paid version.
    1. Premium customers can also get access to the Neat Permanent Library, which can help save your articles and stories offline permanently. The difference between the paid and unpaid feature is that with this paid service, you can personally save and access all your favorite articles, even if they’re taken off the web or changed or edited.


-This app is designed in a way that you can read your articles easily. You won’t come across unnecessary options, this app is pretty clear with its main purpose.
-If you are looking to save a diverse set of videos, photos or links then Pocket app is for you.
-You can get an access to your saved content anytime, anywhere, and browse it by tags.


-Premium Pocket version is paid. It costs you $44.99 per year.
-You can’t see Pocket’s most shared articles or links. It would be really informative if they allow customers to search most shared links.

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