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Score Hero Review: Lead your team to victory .

score hero
The makers of world famous game Dream league soccer have recently released a new game Score hero that is breaking records. We look into pluses and minuses of this game to present a review on the newest soccer game.

score-heroScore Hero and Dream League Soccer have received over a hundred Million downloads collectively. As you know that first touch games have been quite successful in making games that attract users to install this game. So what makes it so special that so many users play this game. First of all the cover of this game attract a lot of people towards itself.

When first starting out don’t worry too much about fulfilling every objective for every level. Since there are over 500 levels, instead simply be happy to progress through and return later if wanting to get the three stars.  If players invest in the unlimited heats option, however, then by all means it is best to continue replay failed levels as quick as possible to find the perfect combination of moves while fresh in memory.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued

The voice-over commentary aided by the newspaper and scrolling print before each level in Score Hero, effortlessly draw players into a game that despite all is surprisingly addictive!. There are some levels which are hard and not easy to complete that kills your concentration every time you stuck on a level and the limited turns also kill your interest in the game as you have to wait an hour for your life to get fully restored.

Experience: Learning Curve & Usability

Gameplay of Score Hero is broken down into short missions which is perfectly suited to play on the go mobile platforms. Players embark on a quest to make their hero a global superstar as they make the most of short one-twos, arcing lobs, headers, exciting volleys and bicycle kicks and much, much more through the use of simple swipes.  Pinching will allow players to zoom in and out as players can also select which player to pass to mid play.

Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count

This game is an idol for a perfect competitive game. It has over 500 levels with each level having a higher complexity level than the previous one and the star system based on 3 objectives gives it an edge as you require specific stars in a season to qualify to the next season. The game although have some levels which are pretty hard and are nearly impossible to complete in first try’s.

Graphics / Footprint / Performance

Score hero is a very light game as it do not require any internet connection to play but there are some options where you can buy specific hints in exchange of money. It also does not heats up your phone after you play it for an hour or more. In short it is a mobile friendly game. The graphics of this game are good and attractive although the game may work slow some times or may even hang where you have to quit the game and restart it but it doesn’t happen very often and doesn’t harm your phone either

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