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Snake vs Blocks: Swipe your finger to guide a snake

Snake vs Blocks
Vodoo games are back with a mind refreshing game that would make you spend hours on your mobile phone. We unwind the pro’s and con’s of this amazing battle between snake and blocks.

Snake vs Blocks is a Games application, developed by Voodoo and released May 16, 2017. The game has received over 10 million downloads uptill now. The games illustrates a war between snakes and blocks and to cross the blocks you have to collect more and more pieces of snake. The more pieces you collect the longer the snake is and the longer you will survive the battle

Snake vs Blocks through its extremely simple gameplay and quick fast rounds the game immediately becomes extremely addictive in its playability. It would be totally true if it is said that Nokia is pioneer of Snake games. Snake games were introduced by nokia in their first mobiles that was later on copied by many companies. Over the time snake games have evolved and today it stands in front of us as a brilliant war game that is been played world wide.

Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued

Snake vs Blocks through its extremely simple gameplay and quick fast rounds. The game immediately becomes extremely addictive in its playability.  However!  The free-to-play version is unfortunately horribly undulated with lengthy pop-up video advertisements.  If they were a tenth of what they were, then it would still be annoying yet understandable… As it is however, having a thirty second video pop-up every time after a probable shorter gameplay makes the game frustrating.

Experience: Learning Curve & Usability

In Snake vs Blocks players use a universally simple one touch swipe to steer left and right with forward momentum being automated. The yellow balls with numbers above them add to the length of your snake.  The blocks with their numbers indicate how many yellow balls will take to smash through.  Once your snake runs out of segments (yellow balls) then the round is over.  This is the entire premise of the game which makes it extremely easy to pick up, yet very difficult to master.

Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count

The Competitiveness level of this game is pretty low as it just a simple game in which your luck decides the difficulty level. The difficulty level may be maximum from the start of the game or may increase during it. It is never in your hands whether what difficulty you’re going to start with and that’s why no one can master the game. The lack of leadership boards also kills the concentration of the user.

Graphics / Footprint / Performance

Graphics of this game are pretty basic that suits the nature of the game. This game doesen’t take much of your mobile Ram as it is a light game. It doesent heat your mobile very much and so is overall a suitable game for most mobiles.

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