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Makers of stick hero are Receiving millions of downloads on their recent game that has been breaking records. We unravel the Mysteries of this simple yet amazing tapping game.

stack for android

Stack has received  10 Million download’s and this is not the end. Well, it is true that you don’t always need a game of higher MB’s with a lot of mission and stories to cheer your mood up. Sometimes something as light as Stack can fill colours in your life and pass your time in a good way. 

You control a diagonal-moving block. Your mission is to stop it exactly on top of the previous block. The more blocks you stack the higher is your personal high score. This is done by tapping in absolutely any spot of the screen. There’s almost no delay between your tap and the block stopping, so you have to time it right.


Addictiveness: Keeping You Glued

This game is less addictive as compared to other games due to simplicity of it. The most a person can play a tapping game is an hour or somewhat more but after that they may just close the game and move forward. This game is more of a bathroom game where you can spend your time while you’re free in bathroom or more of a game that you play until the teacher comes to the class.

Experience: Learning Curve & Usability

Stack is played by tapping in absolutely any spot of the screen. If you do it on the right time and are able to manage to land the block on the previous one you’re amazing.If you keep failing to stop the block exactly on top of the previous one, your brick will get smaller and smaller, making the game progressively harder. Also, the movement of each piece will get faster with each block you land successfully, even if it wasn’t spot on.

Competitiveness: Making Yourself Count

Since the game is extremely responsive, you feel absolutely in charge of your victory or demise. The best feeling the game gives is that you get to beat your own high score and every time you do it motivates you beat your new high score. If you fail it infuriates you and then you angrily want to beat your highscore. This gives the game a slight competitive and addictive edge.

Graphics / Footprint / Performance

This is a not a very high Mb game that would heat up your device and would crash your phone. This game has satisfactory graphics that also suits the tapping nature of this game.