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Waterlogged App

Waterlogged is an app which tracks your water intake and helps improve it through different reminders and charts.


Waterlogged App:

Waterlogged is a simple app, it has a simple input method of tap-to-add, and then you can see your daily water bottle filling up as you drink the water you have set as your goal. It consists of reminders and charts to help you track water intake daily and improve it. Increasing your water intake level has been proven to have great effects on your physical and mental health, and this app can definitely help you track that.

How It Works:

This visual water tracker uses cup measures to record your intake. The app allows you to effortlessly log your water intake on a daily basis. To log your water consumption, launch the app, tap the image of the water bottle, and then select a glass size. You can create customized glasses in the app by indicating their volumes.
Once you select your glass size, you can specify if you had ¼, ½, ¾ or a full glass of water. As you drink throughout the day, the bottle image on your Waterlogged homepage begins to fill. If it has filled up by the end of the day, you have reached your goal. You can set your daily goal of water intake and update it whenever you want. You can also pull up charts that show your progress from the day you started tracking.


Waterlogged includes a chart/map that shows your water consumption history. We all get so busy with our daily routine and work life that we forget to drink water. This app will help you track your water intake and this way you can easily improve your water drinking habits. So, if you are serious about staying fit and healthy, this app can surely help you out.


One of the best parts about this app is that you can set reminders so that you never have to go too long without a drink.


-Tracking water intake is really easy because you just have to enter glasses or bottles measures once. Every time you drink a glass or bottle of water you can choose it from a list to add to your daily intake record.
-Waterlogged also lets you set reminders so you don’t miss your water intake.
-Different fractions of cups are available so that you can break down and record your water intake more easily.


You will only get one reminder in a day if you have a free version of this app.

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